Keep it Simple

An information designer’s goal is to create a concise and clean message. But design can get it the way and the information becomes complicated. The best thing to do is to strip your design down to the basics and then begin to build it back up around your core idea.

Minimal design can even be achieved anywhere.

Iota Minimalist Playing Cards by Joe Doucet – Crnchy

Joe Doucet asked a different question when he chose to make a deck of playing cards. He did not ask “What can I add?”, instead he asked “How much can I take away?” Joe’s Iota Minimalist Playing Cards are the answer to that question and


This is an example of how minimalist design can be effective when getting a message across.

Giving yourself limits to work within can help you stay on track with a simple design; create moodboards.


Frockhub is a luxury fashion app. Users looking to shop for clothes can easily find what they are looking for. Our goal is to optimize the user’s shopping experience with a fast, simplistic way to find what you are looking for. I did the overall branding …

A few tips from Buffer

Why simple design is so effective.

Why Simple Design Works | Killer Infographics

A good design doesn’t always need to be fancy, sometimes simplicity is key. Find out how simple design can improve your next project.

Keep your design simple. When in doubt, leave it out.