Face It – It’s in the Type

Creating a mood or portraying a message through design can be complicated. Often, what the design needs is less; is needs to be simple. In order to achieve simple and effective design typography should be considered carefully.

History of typography

The body isn’t the only thing you can study anatomy of…

TypeTalk: The Anatomy of a Character –

TypeTalk is a regular blog on typography. Post your questions and comments by clicking on the Comments icon above. Q. Why should I care what the names are for parts of a character? Does it really matter? A.

Using type to portray a message

25 Clever Logos Of Common Verbs You Use Every Day

Following up to the previously published 25 adjective logo collection, Spanish designer Lucas Gil-Turner has created a series of impressive logos for the 25 most commonly used verbs in the Oxford English Dictionary. The list was released by Oxford University Press researchers after the analysis of over a billion words.

Mixing fonts is very effective when used properly…

The Art of Mixing Typefaces – | Digital Resources for Net Professionals

the art

My personal favourite…


Be mindful when choosing typeface, they’ll make or break you’re design.


This Could be Just Your Type

Calligraphy and hand-lettering has become extremely popular when designing poster, infographics and cards. Typography by hand can seen like a daunting task. Turns out, with a little help and practice, it’s more simple than we think.

Getting into calligraphy.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Calligraphy

This is a beginner’s guide, so you don’t have to know anything about calligraphy – or the art of “beautiful writing”, as it translates from the Greek (κάλλος (kallos) = beauty and γραφή (graphe) = writing). Calligraphy is easy to learn, but like any craft, it needs practice.

Handlettering in watercolour!

Favourite Water Brush Lettering YouTube Tutorials for Beginners

Filed Under: Hand Lettering, Learn Creative Skills | YouTube is one of my favourite websites. On the weekends I can get lost for hours in video upon video. One type of video that I find especially interesting and mesmerizing to watch, is hand lettering videos.

Here you can find some practice sheets…

Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets: 9 Styles! | Dawn Nicole Designs®

Find a brush pen that fits your style.

New Year, New Pens | the Ultimate Brush Pen Review – Lyssy CreatesIf you’ve been following my lettering journey for a while, you may have seen the first iteration of this post, done in mid-2016. Now, over 30 pens and many sheets of paper later, I’m bringing the ultimate brush pen review back bigger and better! (Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Get Creative! Try adding some florals to your script.

Simple Steps for Drawing a Wreath

I’m back with my third post in the “How to Draw” series. (You can view the first two here and here.) I love drawing wreaths but I find myself feeling really overwhelmed when I sit down to draw one. Where do I start? What do I draw? Too sparse? Too full?


Don’t stress if your design doesn’t look exactly like the pictures. Creating your own design is about acquiring your own style!