Branding For Success

When we recognize a company, without the actually name of the company, through style and colour that company has been successfully branded. How does a company develop consistency and avoid being associated with non-related ideas or inaccurately representing their core values? Establishing a identity of a product or company through carefully designed branding plays an important role in how to appeal to a certain audience and deliver a certain message.

Below are creative and interesting examples of how design and branding can impact how a company represents themselves.



Ena Skin Care Branding and Packaging by Ortolan

crop (1)

Les Pianos Publics Branding by Simon Laliberte

crop (2)

Soul Spice Brand Spice Branding and Packaging by Studio Grau

crop (3).jpeg

Tips for branding your company can be found here…

9 Principles For Great Branding By Design | Fast Company

We all know great design has a critical role to play in building a great brand. But how do we go about making that happen?

Good design builds good branding.

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