Design to Outlast Trends

In North American, we let trends control our thoughts and purchases. People talk about what is “in” and what is “out,”and wait for the “next big thing”. Yet, there are certain modes of design that outlast these smaller spurts of interest and last for decades. One of them is minimal, simple and effective – Scandinavian design.

10 Elements to Inspire!

10 Common Features Of Scandinavian Interior Design

What makes Scandinavian design… Scandinavian?

Scandinavian Design Trend: 50 Dazzling Examples That’ll Inspire You to Try It

Scandinavia is a word often used to refer to a region of northern Europe consisting of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Sometimes Finland and Iceland are also included, given their historical ties with the area. But why would a design movement adopt that label, and how does it shape its aesthetic?

Save space in your home.

Tiny 34sqm Apartment Blends Space-Savvy Design with Scandinavian Style

An urban second home that can be used by friends and family while providing a source of relaxation and recreation, the design of Igralnaya aims to combine modernity, Scandinavian design inspiration and space-savvy brilliance that leaves you mesmerized. The uber-small 34-square-meter apartment was designed by Geometrium to maximize space at every turn without compromising on aesthetics and comfort.

Mix Scandinavian design with other styles to make a custom design fit for you.

Nordic Design


5 Key Advantages of Scandinavian Style – L’ Essenziale

If you are looking to redecorate and refresh your home, you are probably considering what style to go for. Do you pick a recent trend or something that is well established? Well, why not consider going for the ever popular Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian design is simple, clean and intentional. Forget the trends; choose design that will never go out of style.


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