One Simple Step to Improve Your Quality of Life.

The quality of the space that individuals live in is important. What is a simple way improve this space? PLANTS!

Make Life Plantastic!

Use a Greenhouse to have access to fresh herbs.

Atelier 2+ designs miniature greenhouse for indoor gardeners

Bangkok studio Atelier 2+’s Greenhouse Mini is designed to encourage owners to bring greenery into their houses. The tabletop planter, which was created for label Design House Stockholm, is an even more compact version of Atelier 2+ Greenhouse, a standing planter box.

Start simple with plants that are easy to take care of.

11 Easy To Grow Houseplants |

by Green Living | Dana Raidt A house doesn’t really seem like a home until there are plants in it, right? (They’re also great to have around because of their air-cleaning qualities.) But finding plants that will stay alive can be difficult for those of us who are a little …

Everything you need to know…

Everything you always wanted to know about houseplants*

But were afraid to ask. It’s here. Bookmark it. Print it. Pin it. It’s the ultimate guide to indoor plants. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve killed or neglected. New year, new you. 2016-the year you rock it at houseplants.

Plants are a simple way to improve the look and feel of your home; they brighten up any space! Plus, a year round herb garden can add flavour to any dish. Happy planting!

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